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"We're your connection to being lice free! Our name is changed, but our expert and highly recommended service is better than ever." ~Barbara Gips~ ~Founder & Lice Removal Specialist

In-Home Head Lice and Nit Removal Service

Our friendly, lice removal specialist will come and service your family in the privacy and comfort of your own home.  While being treated, your family members may watch a movie on our portable DVD player, listen to an ipod, read, play hand-held video games, do homework, or just chat with us.

Our proven removal technique relies on meticulous combing and thorough inspection. Combined with our natural and organic products this makes our system 100% safe and effective.  We guarantee it!

We start the process with a natural enzyme shampoo.  This helps to loosen the glue that holds the nits (eggs) on to the hair shaft and also dissolves the exoskeleton (outer shell) of the lice bugs which helps to kill them.  Then we systematically work our way around the head examining paper thin sections of hair at a time and gently, but thoroughly comb the hair with a metal nit comb to remove lice and nits.  After that we rinse and blow dry the hair before conducting another thorough inspection for any remaining nits or bugs.  Finally, we apply an organic coconut and lavender oil to the hair. Coconut oil is a natural hair and scalp conditioner while lavender is a natural lice repellent...they hate the smell, but you and your kids will love it!  The oil makes it easy for any remaining lice and nits to slide off the hair shaft as we once again thoroughly comb through the hair.

We will teach you  how to identify nits and lice, and educate you on how to use the nit comb and do follow up maintenance to avoid re-infestation.

We will check all family members for head lice and nits. We recommend having every member of the household, including caregivers, checked for head lice to avoid re-infestation.  Family members who don't show any evidence of lice or nits do not need to be treated.

Included with our in-home service are all of the products and tools needed for treatment.  We will not try to sell you unnecessary products for the spraying of furniture or treatment of laundry.  We will discuss with you what needs to be done around the house to avoid re-infestation.

When we leave, you will feel confident that your family is lice free.  It is our goal to remove all the lice and nits in a single visit.  Your child will be able to return to school or camp the next day.

Follow up appointments are not necessary but may be advised if the infestation is severe. Many Moms like to have their own heads re-checked for peace of mind.

Head Checks

Head lice and nits can be hard to detect especially if you don't know exactly what you are looking for.   A Lice Patrol Specialist will be happy to come to your home and do a thorough inspection for lice and nits.  We will teach you what to look to for, and show you how to do a proper head check so you will be able to keep an eye out for any future infestations.

School and camp head check services are also available. Please contact Barbara at 914-666-LICE or email to Barbara@thelicepatrol.com for more information.

Please call The Lice Patrol at 914-666-LICE or email to barbara@thelicepatrol.com for more information.

Educational Presentations

The Lice Patrol offers a free Head Lice Educational Presentation for area schools, camps and other organizations. It is a fun, informative and cost effective way to educate parents and clear up the many misconceptions and myths about head lice.  This presentation will enable parents to accurately check their own children for head lice and nits, and teach them about lice treatment options and head lice prevention.

Please call Barbara at 914-666-LICE or email to barbara@thelicepatrol.com for more information.

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