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"We're your connection to being lice free! Our name is changed, but our expert and highly recommended service is better than ever." ~Barbara Gips~ ~Founder & Lice Removal Specialist

Barbara came promptly, completely outfitted from shampoo and products to the chair that my child would sit in.  She supplied everything that was needed.  She spent hours on my two daughters, and we never saw another nit or bug after her visit.  She was professional, thorough and I would highly recommend her services to anyone whose kids are unfortunate enough to contract lice.  I had attempted to treat my older daughter myself and after seeing what Barbara's service entailed, I was sooo glad that I called her, as I had no idea how much tedious work is involved in the removal process.  I would call her first thing if I ever needed help again!
M.C., Rye, NY

You made a seemingly unbearable situation suddenly feel manageable. Thanks Barbara -- I'd recommend you without reservation (I already have)!
S.K., Ridgefield, CT

After many months of trying everything from over-the-counter, to prescription, to all natural products, hours upon hours of combing, and loads upon loads of laundry and house cleaning, the only way we were able to get rid of the lice was with the help of The Lice Patrol. In 2 days with Barbara and 2 weeks of followup it was all gone.  My only regret is that I did not find out about her from day one. I would have saved a lot of money and aggravation.
S.S., Yorktown Heights, NY

 I can't begin to express how pleased I was with Lice Patrol. I was so well informed after the visit and confident that I could continue the treatment. Barbara was great with following up and being available with additional questions. It was so worth the cost!! I would highly recommend her services to anyone!
L.R., Mahopac, NY

Barbara Gips of The Lice Patrol does a great job responding to frantic calls for help from busy parents to deal with the hassle of getting an infestation of lice over with. This often requires hours of meticulous combing, nit picking, and is done in a thorough and respectful manner.
I highly recommend Barbara to parents who need help getting rid of head lice. Her competence has helped many of our elementary school families deal with the infestation as well as the associated social stigma which many feel.
LS, MS, BSN, RN (School Nurse, CT)

Barbara was so thorough that there was no doubt that we had properly and completely treated the lice. She put us at ease and left us with detailed, but easy-to-follow instructions on what to do after she left. Without her, I truly believe we would not have been able to get rid of the lice with the products I had purchased.  She showed me how to check the head and what to look for, and now I am better equipped for next time (please, don't let there be a next time!!!) this possibly occurs. Thank you so much! We will certainly recommend you to others.
C.H., Chappaqua, NY

Barbara from the Lice Patrol was great and informative. The information I learned from her helped dispel the 'myth' of lice. She was very informative in both the information and treatment process which enabled me to continue treatment on my own and she was great with my 5 year old!! Thanks to the Lice Patrol!!
R.S., Stamford, CT

The Lice Patrol is wonderful. You made sure my daughter was comfortable and happy...she was never scared or anxious...I really appreciate your service and we will call you right away if lice ever finds us again!
R.D., Cortlandt Manor, NY

Barbara was a life saver.  My daughter was so upset and Barbara responded immediately and took great care of her.  She was meticulous with her treatment and follow up.  I hope we don't need her again, but she would be my first call if we did.
Greenacres Mom, Scarsdale, NY

When I received the call from school that my daughter's teacher had found what she believed was a nit in her hair, it was my first experience with the "dreaded lice."  Fortunately, I contacted you and I can't thank you enough for coming to my immediate rescue.  You reassured me with your years of experience and the success you have had with your treatment regimen.  I appreciated the gentle approach you took with my daughter and the thoroughness with which you checked and treated her.  Not only did you take your time with her, but you also checked my other children and myself as well.  I was able to complete the treatment process based on your explanation and the products you supplied were easy to use.  My daughters were happy to use the lavender treatment oil as a repellent for lice in school.
Thank you for following up with me to ensure that we had completed the treatment and were lice-free.
Rye Brook Mom

Thank you for a great presentation.  It was very informative and well presented.  A few attendees have already raved to me about it.  Thank you again.
A. Williams
PTA President
Katonah Elementary School

I would love to express my positive experience with Barbara and The Lice Patrol.  My daughter had lice after a slumber party and what could have taken weeks to get over was nipped in the bud.  Our fears and anxieties were also put to rest.  Barbara was informative, thorough, and gentle!!  She came with all of the supplies, which can cost a fortune if you had to go out and get them.  Not to mention that they are all natural, and smell quite nice.
She spent hours looking though my daughter's hair, checking the rest of our family, teaching us about treatment, explaining how to properly take care of the home...ideas and time savers.
I can say for a fact that other children that also contracted lice at the same time without Barbara's help and information were still dealing with the lice infestation weeks later.  Barbara's services were wonderful, gave us peace of mind and head:), and worth every penny...
Lisa Bart, Katonah, NY

   As a Westchester parent of three and director of education for a neighborhood private school for over eight years, I can say without qualification that the services offered by Barbara Gips, owner and operator of The Lice Patrol of Mount Kisco, NY, are a much-needed answer to an age-old problem affecting so many of the children in our area.  The techniques used by Ms.Gips---and her kind and warm personal manner---combine to provide those in need of her expertise a most effective solution with a minimal amount of anxiety and awkwardness, especially for young children and teens.
   As a school principal of students in grades kindergarten through grade twelve and as a parent who has seen many close friends and relatives go through the long ordeal of delousing themselves over the years, Barbara Gips' services are very much appreciated.
Yours truly,
Westchester Mom

The best step that I took was to contact Barbara Gips of The Lice Patrol.  She came to my house and showed me "how" to deal with it.  She was the calm and logical, in what seemed to be a never ending storm.  I felt so highly of her, I have recommended her to the PTA & she came out in January and did an evening presentation to all that wanted to attend.
The Lice Patrol de-mystified the process - Barbara explained to us what it was all about and what we needed to do.  When she leaves, you know how to tackle the problem.  And if you are unfortunate to get it again, you know exactly how to attack the situation.  Plus I would only use her products!  No chemicals and the final treatment smells awesome!
Itching BMES Mom, Ridgefield, CT

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